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One To One Coaching

The faster you reach your goals, the more you can fit into your musical journey and the more exciting life will be.

Let’s get started. Contact me for a complimentary musical mission session. Either email or call on +44 (0)7709 692821 and we can see where you’re at, where you want to be and how I can help.

Whatever your needs, if you feel that working with me will accelerate your accomplishments, I offer the following support packages:-

One To One Advanced Musical Mission Session

How do you define success in your music career, or even your life? Few people dig deep and get crystal clear on what success means to them personally.

Many of us amble along on life’s conveyor belt – and who knows where that will take us? Knowing what you are about and where you truly want to go can help you create a more direct route to get you there.

This session follows on from the complimentary which will not only help you define your vision of success, but also give you the insight to reach your goals fast and effectively.

Focus Package

Knowing your musical mission is the first step. The 2 month Focus Package supports you as you take purposeful steps on your journey, getting you off to a great start as you set your new standard.

You will benefit from bespoke coaching to suits your needs. Any unearthed roadblocks can be tackled head on and being held accountable for your actions will generate momentum and ultimately promote your success.

Stick With It Package

If you are career minded then you will need to Stick With It. This package continues on from the Focus Package, and you will not only benefit from laser focus driving you to your goals but you will also begin developing everyday habits and patterns to gear you up for success in the long term, both musically and life overall; be the best you that you can be!

If you have any questions please contact me at or on +44 (0)7709 692821.


Coaching sessions are most commonly carried out on SKYPE making the process easy, efficient and do-able the world over! If this does not suit, the client can choose to call or, meetings in person can be arranged where appropriate – please drop me a line to discuss your needs.