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Boyd Hayward - Life Coach for Musicians

Welcome to my site, it is great to have you here. You are clearly looking to get more out of life and you are in good company. I am constantly on the look out for ways to get ahead in all areas of life and I like to surround myself with people who want the same! Whether it is in person, online or through books and video, I love to study with world class mentors in the fields of business, life and music.

I have noticed that whatever we are, be it a musician, a parent, a business owner or hot shot CEO, the paths to excellence are built upon the same foundation…

“Who we become is the result of our disciplined actions.” – Brendon Burchard.

Knowing what we really want and learning how to get it is so, so important. It is now easier than ever to learn best practice after best practice, but it is the next stage where we can really fall down, the stage where we actually get to work and apply what we have learned on a consistent basis. Taking action – this is what really counts!

This is a trap I was all too familiar with, having spent so much time studying but seeing little to no improvement. Looking back I know that what I was working on was great but it was my approach that was failing me. I would focus too wide and try to improve too many things at once, in return enjoying little to no results. Fed up of getting nowhere, I enrolled on a 4 day Tony Robbins seminar in the U.S, walked on hot coals and learned from one of the world’s true masters of personal achievement. The content was beyond insightful. A seed was planted and I decided I didn’t just want to help myself achieve great things, but other people too.

In 2013 I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach with the The Coaching Academy, an ICF approved Coaching training provider. When working with a client I draw from my own experiences as a performer, mentor, teacher and business owner of 13 years, combining these with my coaching skills, N.L.P skills, (click here to find out what this is), tried and tested business strategies and a wealth of insight from my learning addiction into the science of high performance. I strive to bring out the best in each committed individual I work with and aim ensure that choosing to work with me will be the start of the next amazing chapter of your life.

It is important that the client and coach are a good fit for each other so with this mind, I like to have an informal, free chat so we can see where you’re at, where you want to be and if I’m the right coach to help get you there. If you feel you are ready to build a new exciting quality of life, contact me today to get started. Reach me at, call me on 07709 692821 or click the button below.

Relevant Qualifications and Experience:

  • Degree in Popular Music and Recording, Salford University – 2002
  • NLP Certified Practitioner, The Coaching Academy – 2012
  • Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy – 2013
  • Distinction in Small Business Coaching, The Coaching Academy – 2016
  • Visiting lecturer and speaker at Universities and colleges on the subject of Getting Ahead in Music and In Life
  • Professional Drummer and Drum Teacher since 2004

Outside of Music and Coaching...

Outside of my professional life I love anything to do with the sea, be it surfing, boating or diving. I love to travel and I am also a massive Star Wars fan!

I dedicate my life’s work to my younger sister Rebecca. She started playing along on pots and pans as a kid and when our Dad bought her a drum kit my destiny was sealed! She sadly passed away in 2012 at the age of 28 due to an epileptic fit. I fundraise for SUDEP Action, a charity that is dedicated to stamping out unexpected deaths from epilepsy. You can read about our story here.